Just kidding I live in Chicago now!

I got offered a job at the world famous Taylor Street tattoo in Chicago.

I graciously accepted and will be working here full time starting Sept 16th. 

Appointments can be made the same way and just like NYC I'll be back to LA 

to tattoo from time to time. 

Los Angeles

I recently relocated to Sunny Los Angeles California. I'm working at Midtown Tattoo in mid city. You can find me there Saturday through Monday taking walk ins from 1-9. 

Article on me with a little video !!!

So after a short trip to Taylor Street Tattoo in Chicago. I literally got off the plane and did a tattoo. While the Katie from Tattoodo filmed me doing this pretty weird tattoo. Over all it was a good experience. I'm pretty please with the article and the video. You all know I'm not much for words, so just see for yourselves. 

Read the article here


This is third time I'm trying to do this

Literally the third time I'm trying to do this cause square space keeps crashing and it's becoming bothersome and this is precisely why I haven't updated my blog since February.  Just follow me on instgram for regular updates, travel dates, etc.

Been a while....

Been a while....

So it's been a while since I've had a chance to update the blog portion of my site.

So let's start with the holidays. Not only did I survive yet another holiday season I did some of my favorite tattoos of the year. Most of which I did on actual Christmas eve cause I'm a godless heathen. Working class is always enjoyable a great group of guys. They make it fun to come to work. 


New years 

Got back to the city actually tried taking the weekend off for new years eve and day didn't end up that way. I did a painting for enjoyment which I hadn't done in forever and I ended up at Daredevil on new years day to do a couple jammers off the walls on My buddies Joe and Vikki from Pittsburg. Joe is a great tattooer and I highly suggest you check out his work if you Instagram his handle is @tattooerjoe 

Friday the 13th 

I did 57 tattoos this time around my goal is 60. I'm closer each time, hopefully next time ! It was a nice change of pace this time around Skribs my coworker did the sheet. The designs were simple but still cool. Daredevil got a write up on Tattoodo.com they had some nice things to say about the shop. I enjoy the face pace of Friday the 13th gives me a taste of the old days. When sailors would line up and just pick off the walls.  

It was business as usual for a bit below are a few of the favs from both shops. 


I had a brief trip to Chicago to cover at Taylor Street tattoo. I really like Chicago as a city. I can't wait to go back and get some down time to explore the city a little bit more. I might actually go back for the convention in march if I can swing it.

Upcoming travel 

I will be at the Philadelphia tattoo convention this upcoming weekend with my buddy Akira Latanzio. I have some limited availability which I'm gonna leave for walk ups on Saturday. I'll have some 5x7s with me for sale. 

Los Angeles I'm going to be there for a week, I will also be in long beach. I'll post dates soon, so keep your eyes peeled.  

New orleans and Syracuse

New orleans and Syracuse

So Syracuse was the same as always fun times at Working class tattoo.  below are a couple of the tattoos I did. I'll be back up at the end of December. 

New Orleans what a shit show. First off the convention wasn't advertised at all. Regardless I still made the best of it. I got to meet Judy Parker, Lyle Tuttle and Gil the Drill. Also I met Terry Brown the owner of Downtown Tattoo. He had me come over and do some walk ins. I can't say enough good things about that shop and staff. Special shout out to the New Orleans Tattoo Museum for opening up on their off day so we could check out their collection. Also i met this cool dog. 

Travel dates for October.

I will be in Syracuse, NY the 12th and the 13th of October. I will be back at my home away from home Working class tattoo in Eastwood. 


I will also be in New Orleans for the first time.  I will be there the 28th-30th 

I will also be in New Orleans for the first time.

I will be there the 28th-30th